Pastor’s Message

In a world where it seems like everything changes and turmoil and unrest are common occurrences, it is nice to know that God always remains the same. God’s promises are always fulfilled, and He will never fail. Our faith and belief in this truth is a comfort no matter what life may bring.  At Graceway our desire is to preach the message of God’s unchanging love and faithfulness and to reach South Charlotte and the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We want you to feel warmly welcomed at the Graceway Baptist Church. Graceway is a church that consistently calls people back to sound Bible truths and presents the gospel message of God’s love as the foundation for building strong Christian lives. All of our ministries focus around that goal. We welcome you to all that Graceway has to offer. Be renewed. Strengthened. Encouraged. You have a friend at Graceway.

In Christ,

Pastor Chris Edwards